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Yet Another Sino-US Confrontation: This Time over Education Affairs

Subtly but surely education Policy is emerging as a new area of confrontation between the United States and China, as the existing and emerging superpower seek to promote their respective versions of ideals and values in the rest of the world.

Global Trend: Internationalization of Higher Education

Internalization of education in last three decades or so has assumed a role and proportion that was unthinkable earlier but India’s accomplishment in the field of internationalization of education is much less than it’s available resources and ability.

Indian Role in QUAD

India should assume a proactive role to formalize the QUAD Security Dialogue mechanism. Some have viewed India as the “weakest link” in this emerging grouping of Asian powers and others consider Indian position ambiguous and role inadequate.

Myth of Multi-Alignment

Non-alignment was a suitable strategic doctrine during the Cold War between the United States and the former USSR. It gave India an option to make its foreign policy decisions without coming under the diktat or persuasion of erstwhile Cold Warriors.

India & Geographical Space of Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific has become the new buzzword in the discourse on international relations. The United States and the European powers are deeply interested in engaging with this region, whereas other influential countries are resident powers in this region—India, Japan and China.

Why is India Reticent on INF Treaty?

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed by the United States and the erstwhile Soviet Union survived the Soviet collapse, demise of the bipolar global order, unprecedented expansion of NATO membership to the doorsteps of Russia, but has now been languishing on the deathbed.

Arunachal Pradesh: Nodal Point for Act East Policy

The Chinese government has never recognised the so-called Arunachal Pradesh and resolutely opposes the activities of Indian leaders to the eastern section of the Sino-Indian border” and went on to warn that  “China urges the Indian side to bear in mind the common interests of the two countries, respect the interests and concerns of the Chinese side, cherish the momentum of improvement in bilateral relations, and refrain from any action that may lead to the escalation of disputes or complicate the boundary question.”

“Ascending India”

India as a regional power in the Indo-Pacific and a global player on the world stage is on the ascendance. More significantly, its rise is welcomed around the globe with solitary exceptions in some of the neighbouring countries.