Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) has been established to study, analyse, explain, and disseminate all relevant information and developments related to Indo-Pacific region. While most of the think tanks are land based with permanent research and supporting staff, this institute seeks to take advantage of all benefits offered by the digital world and sustain and expand a virtual centre of knowledge. During the initial stage of its growth, Indian specialists, scholars, experts and researchers will be involved in contributing their expert knowledge on all-rounded developments in the Indo-Pacific region. As it evolves, foreign academic contributions will be welcomed.

Since the Indo-Pacific Region is relatively a recent concept, its meaning is not confined just to its geography. It encompasses a wide range of issues related to diplomacy, strategy and economics, society etc. The Government of India has already begun to recognize Indo-Pacific region as a reference point for its foreign policy strategy. The goal of KIIPS will be to monitor multifarious developments and issues in this region and bring out publications, seminar proceedings and hold workshops and symposia from time to time.