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South Korea’s Nuclear Messages

Eyebrows were raised in the US, Europe and East Asia when South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol made a statement that the country could go nuclear if North Korean threats keep rising.

Consequences of Chinese Annexation of Taiwan by Force

President Xi himself knows that any military invasion over Taiwan may or may not lead to a full-scale war with other countries. But diplomatic and political pressure will be enormous and even the economic consequences can be disastrous for China as well.

Assault on Democracy in the United States

The attack on Capitol Hill by a large crowd of ferocious mobs on January 6, 2021 has tarnished the image of American democracy beyond repair.

US-Pakistan Relations Post Trump Administration

Joe Biden, the president-elect, will succeed President Donald Trump in January 2021 and Pakistan, like many other countries, is anxiously waiting to see what the next US Administration would do or not do, those may affect the country’s relations with the United States.

End of the American Era?

The rise of America has become part of history now, while the relative decline of American hegemony in world affairs is under the spotlight of academic debates and policy analysis in recent decades and years.

India Factor in US Presidential Election 2020

The foreign policy does constitute an important segment of the US presidential election for the simple reason that the United States is a global power and its engagements with the rest of the world has deeper domestic roots. In addition, events abroad may or may not impact the voters in the United States directly, but the US economic and military footprints in every corner of the world do affect the country’s political landscape and economy.

Corona Pandemic: The China Connection

The entire world actually wants to know how COVID-19’s global war against human civilization was unleashed. Never before in history, such a war involving the entire globe and engulfing people with fear and death was witnessed in terms of the speed of the spread of the virus.

Will America be Great Again?

Like all wars, the war against Covid-19 would come to an end. However, will the US remain as the world leader? Will the US-led liberal order survive?