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Asian Peace and Development: Prisoners of History

Can the centre of gravity stop shifting? Can the erosion of US influence in the world stop eroding? Can China’s march towards becoming a superpower halt? Can India’s economic growth slide back to its earlier pace?

“Global Confrontation” in Indo-Pacific?

Is it worth contemplating whether it would be useful to rope in France to the QUAD and make a Pentagon of interested powers that would be seeking preservation of rule of law and respect for international law in the region.

Can PM Modi do the so far undoable?

There are no instances to show where either Washington or Beijing has taken any significant steps to guide Pakistan towards becoming a peaceful and prosperous nation. Can Prime Minister Modi do this apparently undoable act?

Vietnam can be all-weather friend of India

Vietnam has all the credibility and qualifications to become an all-weather friend of India. More needs to be done than what meets the eyes today in bolstering the bilateral relationship between India and Vietnam.

Why is Japan so Important for India?

While India seeks an open, free and inclusive Indo-Pacific region and tries to devise a new structured approach towards this region, the most crucial pillar of India’s policy will be it’s relationship with Japan.

India’s Foreign Policy Approach: Liberal or Realist

How does one categorize the Indian foreign policy approach? Does India follow a Liberal Paradigm? Does it fit into the Realist School’s explanation of foreign policy behavior of nations?

Will Indo-Pacific Construct Survive Trump Administration?

Indo-Pacific as a geopolitical concept predates Donald Trump’s entry into the American White House. The Trump Administration even after two years in office has not been able to come up with any vision document or work-plan or all-rounded policy paper on “Indo-Pacific”. Will Indo-Pacific Construct Survive Trump Administration?

Is India Preparing for Comprehensive Energy Security?

No matter what a country has achieved so far, the future is vulnerable to energy crises of several kinds. India must prepare a comprehensive security strategy to ensure national security at the time of uncertain and unforeseen developments occurring in the world.

World Order that Confronts India

Has the world order ever been static? More significantly, has there ever been a single world order?