Research Category: Policy Perspectives

Interview with Ambassador Lalit Mansingh

We have a number of structures which are strengthening our security networks in the Indo-Pacific area, and so I think India is emerging as a very critical and crucial player in the Indo-Pacific.

Interview with H.E. Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau

India has supported Vietnam in the past and also supported during the reconstruction period, and even now, India is standing by the side of Vietnam. Therefore, in the next decade, the relationship will substantially cover all the different five pillars which we believe are essential in making a relationship comprehensive strategic partnership, namely defense and security, economic and trade, science and cooperation, political visits and people to people contacts.

Interview with Ambassador Meera Shankar

There is a great deal of turbulence in the International situation because the old relationships and balances are getting unsettled, and new ones are not fully shaped. In such a scenario, India needs to follow a policy of working with the great powers wherever interest converges and pursue its own interests.

Interview with H.E. Ambassador Adam Burakowski

The Indo-Pacific region is the biggest and for Poland, the role of Indo-Pacific region is growing and … is becoming more and more important and we are really open for new challenges and new opportunities in this region, including India.

Interview with Ambassador Shashank

India can provide the civilisation cushion and a vision, that is going to be the unique contribution of India to a new rise of Indo-Pacific region where the countries can grow and can be militarily very strong, yet act as cooperating partners and not just as enemies.

Interview with Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji

China’s economic influence in Pakistan pre-dates the CPEC and is essentially centred around its military alliance dating back to the creation of a China-Pakistan-United States military axis. You need to focus on this dimension of Pakistan’s China connection as well, when looking at concepts like the “colonization” of Pakistan by China.