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Navigating India’s Way between Russia and China During the Ukraine War

India’s rising potential in nearly every sphere has aided India’s international relations by allowing it to emerge as a rising regional power. One thing is certain: India has risen to prominence on the international stage and will play a critical role in maintaining global stability.

Climate Diplomacy and the Quad Summit

Among all the challenges of 21st century, climate change is the single greatest threat to the Pacific peoples’ livelihoods, security, and well-being. Recognising the seriousness of the threat, green shipping, power generation chains, disaster resilience, and the exchange of climate information services are some of the aspects that will be prioritized by the Quad leaders.

Sri Lanka in Dire Straits: What It Means for India–Sri Lanka Relations

Being on good terms with its immediate neighbor will always be fruitful for India and statements like “India pledged to support the people of Sri Lanka and will always be guided by the best interests of the people of Sri Lanka expressed through democratic processes”.

The Anatomy of US Sanctions: Will Economic Warfare Deter Russia?

The size, speed, and sweep of present sanctions, which are backed not only by the US but also by the European Union and numerous Asian partners, are unprecedented. There are parts of the sanctions which will work and parts that won’t.

The ‘2+2’ Indo-US Dialogue: Geopolitical Challenges and Way Ahead

India has practised diplomacy in such a way that it strengthens multipolarity and simultaneously strengthens India’s position in the multipolar world. Despite India’s disagreement with the US on the Ukraine crisis, both US and India came together to advance their relations on converging interests in various fields.

India’s Diplomacy amidst the Russia-Ukraine War

The world will keenly watch the rupee-rouble mechanism, which India and Russia has agreed to follow post the visit of Russia’s foreign minister and how it will impact New Delhi’s relation with the West as it tends to go beyond its sanctions regime

Iran Nuclear Deal Negotiations: A Diplomatic Stalemate or Failure?

As President Biden assumed office promising the revival of JCPOA if Iran comes back in compliance with the nuclear deal. Apparently, there remained certain contentious issues restraining the revival of the deal. The US’ immediate abandoning of the deal fostered trust issues for Iran to adhere to the norms of the deal and insists that they need a promise that any future US President would not pull out of the deal.

EU’s GDPR in a Data Driven World

The 21st-century’s international political economy will be incredibly influenced by the GDPR.  The EU wants to play a major role in the digital zeitgeist. For the developing countries, especially for India, from the GDPR, there are lots to learn, basically in localising the data in its territory and cross-border transition.

India-Central Asia’s First Summit and the Afghanistan Situation

The India-Central Asia first summit highlights multilateral efforts of India’s growing engagements in Central Asia. However, due to the recent changes both in Afghanistan and in the region, the one crucial aspect of India-Central Asia first summit is the pursuit of the outcomes of NSAs meeting and the third India-Central Asia Dialogue both held in New Delhi.

Afghanistan: A Mounting Humanitarian Crisis

The situation in Afghanistan multifaceted and deep-rooted in mistrust of the Taliban, but the matter of morality should be taken into account. A system should be built in such a way that the money directly reaches the people and humanitarian organizations that are working on the ground to rebuild the crumbling healthcare sector.