Research Category: Trump India Visit 2020

Assessing the Impact of Trump’s Visit on US-India Relations

It is paramount that India retains her autonomy within the region which in itself suggests that India has been able to negotiate diplomatically without compromising much of her geo-political and geo-economic interests.

India-US Partnership in the Indo-Pacific: Need for Continuity

The emerging India-US partnership in the Indo-Pacific is worth nourishing and nurturing that shall help future administrations on both sides develop policy frameworks that cater to the two nations’ tangible strategic needs.

Trump’s India Visit: Setting the Tone for the Next Steps

While it is clear that the Taliban will acquire an important foothold in the future of Afghanistan in some form or the other, it is unclear what will be the actual fallout of a US-Taliban understanding and what are the prospects of a fruitful intra-Afghan talks.

In Trump’s Visit to India: A Big Boost for Energy Partnership

The future of India’s evolving strategic partnership with the US will be determined, to a large extent, by the nature of its engagement in the energy sector. Trump’s visit provided a much-needed fillip to the energy ties between India and the US.

Trump’s India Visit: Scanning Defence Deals

President Trump’s maiden visit to India offers a unique opportunity to address problems in a way that has not been tried and also presents a chance to reaffirm strategic ties between the two countries, which have been side-lined due to the differences over trade.

President Trump’s Maiden Visit to India: Defence Cooperation Likely Occupy the Center Stage

Trump’s visit to India is possibly the final major foreign tour before the Presidential elections due in November 2020. The fact that Indian Americans constitute a huge population and voter base in the US, if he reaffirms America’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and immigrants, this visit could steer a significant number of their votes his way by exhibiting his close ties with India.

Trump’s Visit to India: Cementing the Economic Engagement

The upcoming visit of the US President Donald Trump can be viewed as a positive and welcoming gesture aimed towards resolving all doubts and strengthening the ties between the two robust and liberal democracies. 

From Clinton to Trump: Appreciating Continuity in Bilateral Relations

Trump’s visit in the election year is also set to charm India. From the “Kem Cho” Trump event, to signing landmark trade and defense deals, all will be celebrated in India. Trump’s visit will likely see a mix of optics and substance.